Regional Offices

With our rebrand, Prime Secure is excited to announce that we are expanding. We will be expanding our two offices in Aberdeen and London. This is an instrumental move in our organisation’s expansion model and making sure we maintain and build on our most important core value – service. These offices, as well as our Scotland Headquarters in Glasgow will widen our national reach. We will always invest heavily in R&D and ensure that the CCTV systems that arrive on your site are of a market leading spec, but service is really where we separate ourselves from the market.

Our London and Aberdeen teams have already hit the ground running. Our London branch was launched in 2016 and has gone from strength to strength - hitting it’s most recent target by turning over £1.4m in 2018. Our Aberdeen branch has already (and continues to) safeguard some of the most prestigious projects in its area such as the Aberdeen Western Peripheral Route project, the Aberdeen Harbour Expansion Project and the Inverurie Rail Link. As such, we are already well on the way to reaching our 2019 target of £1m turnover out of this office – a great effort by all the team. The expansion of these offices will allow them to continue the trajectory they have enjoyed thus far.

We feel that the only way to effectively have an organisation with national reach, which doesn’t lose local presence, is to ensure that there is a core base at key points throughout the country. This strategic placement allows us to provide quick and effective reaction to any incident or on-site issues on any one of our sites. The large-scale, relationship driven operation that we run allows our clients to benefit from the reliability, large fleet, national reach and product quality of a large corporation whilst enjoying the personable relationships and client caring benefits of a local company.

From the moment you receive a quote to the point where we deploy on site to every service visit along the way, Prime Secure will support our sites and ensure that a high level of service is established and maintained so you can always be confident that your site is in safe hands.