Social Responsibility

As part of Prime Secure’s rebrand, we are excited to announce our new Social Responsibility initiatives. We have three core initiatives that we have been working hard on and excited to share: Community, Charity, and Environmental.

As part of our charity initiative we aim to help 1,000 people suffering from homelessness and poverty by 2021. We deliberately set out to achieve something that will be challenging, but it is something that is close to our hearts that all our staff are excited to accomplish. We, and our partners, are determined to help change the lives of the people not only in the communities that we work, but also those further afield. We aim to do this by setting aside £5 for every CCTV Pod deployed in our Void Property fleet each week through our Fiver Initiative. This will leave our clients assured that when they hire from us, they will be attributing something bigger than simply securing their site.

We want to bolster this effort by offering Community support to the communities in which we work. As part of this initiative we are launching a programme of reach out visits to local schools and community hubs. Our IOSH trained managers will discuss Health & Safety and how to manage the day to day basic risks surrounding construction projects. We will also launch classroom visits specifically for local schools in the area to discuss Health & Safety as well as launching an online advice segment on our social media platforms for tips and advice on how to stay safe and how you can work with us to protect your community.

We have already made a substantial dent in our carbon footprint by investing heavily in R&D to develop security systems which can be independently powered by battery cells for 2 years - but we know we can always do more. We have set ambitious environmental targets that we are determined to accomplish. Some of these include reducing CO2 emissions year-on-year and reducing relative electricity usage at our headquarters. We aim to do this by implementing our first electric car to our vehicle fleet and raising employee awareness of environmental issues throughout the company. More can be found on what we are doing day-to day to reduce our footprint on any one of our social media platforms.