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Lockdown advice

If you are facing having to lockdown your site for the foreseeable future, there are many things that you need to take care of in preparation for the prolonged closure. Prime Secure would like to offer you some free advice and tips from our expert security team that will help you secure your project and cut down on theft and damage; giving you peace of mind during these challenging times.

  • Lock cabins and close window shutters
  • Remove or lock away any loose material and tools
  • Remove Plant from site; if you can’t do this, ensure they are securely shuttered and remove the fuse from the ignition
  • Remove fuel from site where possible
  • Secure any properties under construction
  • Check that all perimeter Heris fencing and hoarding is securely clipped
  • Lock all gates and entrances
  • Remove access to scaffolding
  • Remove waste products
  • Inform your security provider of changes to coverage
  • Ensure all key holding and contact details are correct and up to date

If you have concerns about your site or property and require additional security, Prime Secure have a full range of security services available during this challenging time and can deploy across the UK.

Is your site secure?

In view of the current situation, some contractors have taken the very tough decision to close their sites until further notice. As the COVID-19 pandemic sweeps across the UK, many of these sites were very reactive in their shut down, and may not have had the time to carry out a security risk assessment of the site. We have compiled our top 10 checklist:

  1. Are all entrance points secure?
  2. Are all gates, perimeter fencing or hoarding safe and secure?
  3. Has all plant been immobilised and valuables (incl keys), materials and equipment been securely stored?
  4. Has all access to scaffolding and platforms been removed?
  5. Is the scaffold alarm fully functioning, armed and confirmed by monitoring station?
  6. Are excavations clearly fenced off?
  7. Is the site clear of waste, particularly, flammables?
  8. Are you in a high risk area without CCTV or patrols?
  9. Have the correct emergency contacts been set up?
  10. Are tower cranes enclosures secure and locked off?

Security of projects are often more complex than this quick fire list but we understand in the current environment there is little time for advanced planning.

If you have concerns over your sites security our team are on hand to help so get in touch today on 0845 165 1234.