In these times of uncertainty companies are looking for ways to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and provide a duty of care to members of staff and the public. Increasingly companies are looking to adopt technologies and solutions from les conventional industries. The use of Temperature Monitoring CCTV maybe new to the construction industry but this technology has been around the Airline industry for quite some time. Major transport hubs throughout the world have utilised this type of technology to combat the spread of viruses such as SARS and Avian Flu.

The benefits of these types of systems are now being taken on within the construction industry and leading companies are implementing this type of technology in order to get ensure workforces can either continue or return to work, that being said this type of technology forms part of a wider strategy based around the governments advice on dealing with the spread of COVID-19.

The technology is incredibly interesting but does pose the question about whether it is reliable or not, breaking the technology down starts to provide us with an element of comfort that these systems actually do work, made up of a fixed lens bullet camera, a blackbody and two tripods. This system provides an all-in-one solution meaning it can quickly capture faces in crowded public places to measure multiple body temperatures. A robust meaningful Thermal Camera uses uncooled VOx sensor technology which is a specific type of resistor used as a detector in a thermal camera, their small size and better performance make them a more profitable solution for thermal security, this being key. There are plenty of systems starting to appear on the market effectively trying to profiteer from the current global pandemic the importance in utilising this type of product is as it has always been...track record. The system works by using the Blackbody as a constant temperature reference point. By setting the Blackbody to 35 degrees Celsius, and positioning it correctly, the camera is able to use this as a temperature reference point. So how do you chose which product for your company because let’s face it the chances are we will all need this moving forward on one way or another. Here are some additional pointers to help you decide if you need to look at this technology more closely.

Facial Detection

With the need for accuracy and reliability a system must make use of advanced Facial Detection technology, those that don’t should be discarded from the discussion as they will never provide the accuracy required to make Body Temperature Thermal Imaging CCTV effective. This enables the camera to understand what it sees and pinpoint the forehead of the person who’s temperature is being measured. This not only increases the accuracy of the temperature reading, but also allows the technology to function in a non-invasive way. An ongoing criticism of CCTV had been the feeling that big brother is watching you but more than ever non-invasive CCTV solutions are becoming prevalent in our world, even now smart phones utilise this technology for personal security identification so the technology is being widely used. It is worth pointing out that hand held laser thermometers offer good results they are unable to scan a whole environment and pick up more than one person at a time.

How does it work?

By capturing an image of each staff member and visitor passing through the designated monitoring area and comparing the temperature of each individual against a control blackbody heater, the system can alert you to anyone who may have a higher than normal temperature, one of the main symptoms of Covid 19. The system is designed to be used as an early warning indicator of someone having a higher than normal temperature and alerting them of this.

Why use it?

Having this system within your business or site gives peace of mind to each individual that all your staff and visitors are healthy, and more importantly, not contributing to the spread of the virus. This type of technology will form part of the vital H&S tool and requirement moving forward into the “new normal”. As we move past the pandemic and into a more recognisable world there will still be the need for this type of system wherever there are large gatherings of people.

Here's hoping that with the advances in this type of technology and the commitment by the public and private sector to utilise this type of CCTV we will be able to halt the spread of this virus and return to a safe normal environment.