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Social Responsibility

At Prime Secure, we recognise that we have a responsibility to positively impact the environment, the wellbeing of our team and the communities we work in.

Continuous improvement is paramount when it comes to our social responsibility. We’re confident that we operate to a high standard, integrating societal and environmental concerns into our service delivery.


Contributing to the wider community is part of our culture. We have established key police liaison partnerships as responsible members of our local communities. Our aim is to create a positive impact through our security and training investments. Considering the needs of our local areas, we recognise potential for future employment, engaging and encouraging young people into our apprenticeship programmes. We strive to be a positive force for the wider community through safety and development.

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Police liaison

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Offering apprenticeships


Mark Lawrence
Project Manager at Redridge Construction.


“I have nothing but praise for you guys – thank you.
Keep up the great work.”


Our ongoing donations support local charities and communities, including:

  • Weekly donations of £5 per Pod deployed in void property through our Fiver Initiative.
  • Support for three local charities every three months, selected by our UK offices.

We will continue to help where and when we can, with an overarching aim to support 500 people suffering from homelessness and poverty by 2021, enabling positive change for the wider community.

Goal: to help 500 people suffering from homelessness and poverty by 2021

Every week we will donate £5 for every pod deployed in void property

Every 3 months, each of our UK offices selects 3 local charities to help



We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint year on year, minimising our environmental impact and implementing sustainable solutions. We have reduced the volume of waste and relative electricity usage and will continue to do so across all operations. Our contributions to preserving and protecting the planet are good for us and crucial for business.

Environmental goals

Reduce Co2 emissoins year on year

Reduce relative electricity usage at our headquarters

Reduce wastage