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Covid 19

Prime Secure is proud to announce that we now offer Thermal Imaging Cameras to measure body temperatures, keeping your staff and visitors safe during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We also offer specifically designed Prime-Vis Vests to ensure that social distancing guidelines are maintained for workers returning to construction sites across the UK.

We’ve teamed up with the best suppliers in the country to provide comprehensive solutions for monitoring and maintaining the health, safety and well-being of your workforce with thermal imaging to detect fever.

How Do Body Heat Thermal Cameras Work?

birds eye view

Our thermal imaging camera system captures the image of anyone passing through the designated monitoring area. It reads the temperature of each individual’s body heat and compares it to the temperature of the blackbody heater. The system will then alert you if anyone that has an abnormally high temperature – one of the main symptoms of COVID-19 – walks through.

The system is effective as an early warning indicator, cautioning anyone that may have a higher than normal temperature to take the necessary steps to avoid the spread of COVID-19.

Why Use Thermal Imaging Cameras?


This system is a vital health and safety tool amidst the current global pandemic. It will ensure the continued safety of your workforce as the UK moves forward into the “new normal”. Installing this system within your business or site will give you peace of mind, knowing that each individual – including all staff and visitors – will have their temperature taken to ensure that they’re healthy. Don’t allow your business to contribute to the spread of COVID-19, contact us about our thermal imaging camera systems today.

Thermal Imaging Cameras – Multi-Temperature Detection

thermal crowd image

Our thermal imaging cameras can quickly capture faces in crowded areas and measure multiple body temperatures, reading and monitoring up to 30 people per minute. If you have a busy site or workspace, this system is an ideal solution for capturing several temperatures in a designated area, such as a site entrance or reception area.

The system is accurate to within 0.3°C, meaning you’ll get consistent, reliable protection from the spread of COVID-19. A person’s body temperature only needs to be 1°C higher than normal to indicate a fever – 37°C is considered normal, but 38°C would indicate illness – so accuracy is incredibly important.

Thermal Imaging – Face Recognition and Fever Detection

thermal face recognition

The equipment easily translates the forehead temperature of a person’s image. A white light strobe and sounder feature – also available with this system – will be activated when someone with a higher than normal temperature passes through the detection area.

Once alerted, you can then take the necessary steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, protecting the individual and your business. One unwell person could spread the virus to your entire workforce, so you must ensure that systems are in place to manage any potential risks to your place of work.


Ralph Caulfield
Retail Director at Dickie & Moore.


“We have used Prime Secure on numerous occasions over the years on a variety of construction projects and have found them to be responsive to our & our client’s needs, whilst also offering a safe & reliable service, and we look forward to continuing this relationship in the years to come.”

All-in-One Solution for Fever Detection


The full fever detection system consists of a bullet-style security camera, a blackbody (for temperature reference), tripods (for mounting the camera and blackbody) and a network video recorder (NVR) – all of which are provided on installation. The system is easy to install and can be operated with minimal instruction.

Prime Secure’s Thermal Imaging Cameras – Key Features

  • T400 × 300 Vox Uncooled Thermal Sensor Technology
  • 1/2.8” 2MP Progressive Scan CMOS
  • ePoE
  • H.265
  • Athermalised Camera Lens
  • Body Temperature Measurement
  • Measurement Accuracy: ±0.3°C with Blackbody
  • Active Deterrence with White Light & Siren
  • 1x Audio in, 1x Audio Out
  • 2x Alarm in, 2x Alarm Out
  • 35M IR Range
  • 12v DC Power Input
  • Size:365x175x176mm

White light strobe and alarm sounder options are also available on request.

Our thermal imaging cameras provide the ultimate security solution for your site or workspace in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Get in touch with our friendly, UK-based team today to find out how we could protect your workforce.

Prime-Vis Vest – Social Distancing High-Visibility Vests

The Prime-Vis Vest is a specifically designed high-visibility vest, created to get your workforce back into your construction sites safely. These vests ensure that all staff adhere to social distancing guidelines provided by the UK Government, significantly lowering the risk of spreading COVID-19.

The working environment of the construction industry doesn’t make social distancing easy to achieve. The Prime-Vis Vest helps your workforce stay alert, making them aware of their location in relation to one another.

Key Features – Prime-Vis Vest

Prime-Vis Vests are easy to use and quick to deploy amongst your workforce. They’re designed to be worn like regular high-visibility vests, only with added social distancing protection features built-in. Each vest has a rechargeable battery pack so you can reuse them multiple times to help reduce contact between workers and maintain consistent social distancing.

  • The Vests Maintain a Two-Metre “Safe Zone” Between Workers
  • The Vests Feature a Full 360° Detection Zone
  • They Actively Warn Workers with Vibration and Flashing Lights
  • They Help Improve Site Health & Safety
  • They Encourage Social Distancing

Do you need to protect your workforce?
Help them return to your sites safely with our Prime-Vis Vests.
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